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Punch commonly refers to:

  • Punch (combat), a strike made using the hand closed into a fist
  • Punch (drink), a wide assortment of drinks, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, generally containing fruit or fruit juice

Punch may also refer to:



Arts, entertainment and media[edit]

Fictional entities[edit]



  • Punch!, a 2005 manga by Rie Takada



  • Punch (Danish magazine), an illustrated conservative Danish satirical magazine (1873–1894)
  • Punch (magazine), a former British weekly magazine of humour and satire
  • PUNCH (online magazine), an American magazine focused on wine, cocktails and spirits, published in collaboration with Ten Speed Press
  • Adelaide Punch (1878–1884), a satirical magazine published in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Melbourne Punch (1855–1925), a satirical magazine published in Melbourne, Australia
  • Sydney Punch (1864–1888), a satirical magazine published in Sydney, Australia
  • The Punch (Australia), news website (2009–2013)
  • The Punch, Nigerian daily newspaper



  • Punch (numismatics), an intermediate used in the process of manufacturing coins
  • Punch (tool), a tool used to drive objects such as nails, to pierce workpieces, or to form an impression of the tip on a workpiece
  • Hole punch, a common office tool used to create holes in sheets of paper

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