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Punch Records is a Birmingham-based Music & Arts agency working through four central 'pillars' - Creating, Touring, Programming and Educating through award-winning tours, festivals, international projects and innovative educational & outreach programmes for young people.


Punch Records was founded in the Perry Barr area of Birmingham in 1997 by Ammo Talwar MBE. The organisation began as an urban music record store, and a place where underground DJs from the West Midlands could demonstrate and grow their mixing and rapping abilities.

Following on from the success of these extra activities, Punch began to host development events for young people as part of what would grow into Punch's famed outreach programme, used by local schools. From this, Birmingham City Council became involved and now regularly programme events through Punch which have included a roadshow in Centenary Square during Birmingham's European Capital of Culture 2008 bid.

In 2002, the success of the record shop led Ammo to relocate to Birmingham's Creative Quarter, the Custard Factory complex in Digbeth where the company now runs rhythm, song writing, music production, poetry, lyrics, dance, street art, photography and percussion lessons for the local community, schools and youth centres.

In 2003, Punch produced a film called Preskool, highlighting and promoting Birmingham's black music scene

Punch now collaborates with companies such as Artfest, the BBC, BMG, OOM Gallery, Sony, Urban Music Seminar and Warners.

Ammo Talwar was awarded an MBE in the Queen's Honours list 2008 for his contribution to music and young people in the West Midlands.

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