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This article is about an immersive theatre company. For the medical disorder known as "punch drunk", see dementia pugilistica.
Theatre company
Industry Entertainment
Founded 2000
Founder Felix Barrett
Headquarters United Kingdom
Website punchdrunk.org.uk

Punchdrunk is a British theatre company, formed in 2000, the pioneer[1] of a form of "immersive" theatre[2] in which the audience is free to choose what to watch and where to go.[3] This format is related to "promenade theatre". Artistic director Felix Barrett prefers the term "site-sympathetic" when describing their work.[4]

The company was founded by Felix Barrett. Its executive director is Griselda Yorke. Company members include associate director and choreographer Maxine Doyle, enrichment director Peter Higgin, producer Colin Nightingale, sound and graphic designer Stephen Dobbie, technical director Euan Maybank and design associates Livi Vaughan and Bea Minns.

The company is a National Portfolio Organisation with Arts Council England.[5]


In a typical Punchdrunk production, audience members are free to roam the performance site, which can be as large as a five-story industrial warehouse. They can either follow the performers and themes (there are usually multiple threads at any instant), or simply explore the world of the performance, treating the production as a large art installation.[citation needed]

Former Secretary of State for Culture James Purnell cited Punchdrunk as an example of "access and excellence" in modern British theatre.[6]

History of productions[edit]


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