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Pundri is a town and a municipal committee in Kaithal district of the Indian state of Haryana. Pundri along with Pundrak was named after the sage Pundarik, who is highly revered by all Hindus and it is supposed to have been a seat of the Pundir clan of Rajputs before they were evicted by Rana Har Rai in the late 9th - early 10th century. Pundri is the seat of a Tehsil and also a Haryana Vidhan Sabha constituency currently represented by Dinesh Kaushik. Pundri is also known for its firni, a sweet which is so popular that nearly 100 quintals of it are sold in the month of August around the festival of Teej. Water Flour Mill few remaining in India now, but one of them is a mill which is 123 years old near pundri. This mill was built in 1890 and it is located at the ground floor. Pundri is also known as Fatehpur-Pundri for the village of Fatehpur adjoining it.

Educational infrastructure[edit]

It is home to four colleges, named Ch. Ishwar Singh P.G. Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Ch. Ishwar Singh Mahila Shikshan Mahavidyalaya (B.Ed.), Maharaja Aggarsain College of Education(B.Ed.) and D.A.V College (Co-ed). The Government High School (earlier S.D. High School taken over by the government subsequently) and A.S High School are the biggest and oldest schools in Pundri, Pundri during three decades from '50s to '80s was known for a healthy rivalry between these two schools, in terms of pass percentage of students. The rivalry was represented by the respective principals, namely, Mr. K.C Prabhakar and Mr. M.R Chopra. Presently, the generation in the age group of 45 to 75 mostly owe their scholastic achievements to either of these two stalwarts in the area of education. Mr. Sohan Lal Gupta is the present Principal of the A.S High School.The junior branch of AS high school is Gita Ram Model school which is held by Smt.chander thakran as headmistress from late 70's till 2006.

The S.B. Institute of Engineering & Technology, a new engineering college established in 2008, provides degree courses in Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. For 2011 M.tech is also offered in CSE with 18 seats approved from AICTE Delhi.

Pundri gurukul is situated on Pundri Kurukshetra Road[1]

Eminent personalities[edit]

Professor Dinesh Kaushik is the current MLA.

Ch. Ishwar Singh


Pundri is located at 29°45′N 76°33′E / 29.75°N 76.55°E / 29.75; 76.55.[2] It has an average elevation of 224 metres (734 feet).


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