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Pune Division, Maharashtra
पुणे विभाग
Pune Division.png
Location of Pune Division in Maharashtra
Districts 1. Kolhapur, 2. Pune, 3. Sangli, 4. Satara, 5. Solapur
Area 58,268 km2 (22,497 sq mi)
Population 19,973,761
Not to be confused with Pune Railway Division.

Pune Division is one of the six administrative divisions of India's Maharashtra state. Pune Division is bound by Konkan Division to the west, Nashik Division to the north, Aurangabad Division to the east, and Karnataka State to the south.

  • Area: 58,268 km²
  • Population (As of 2001 census): 19,973,761
  • Districts: Kolhapur, Pune, Sangli, Satara, Solapur
  • Literacy: 76.95%
  • Area under irrigation: 8,896 km²
  • Main crops: Jowar, wheat, bajra, sugarcane, rice, soybean, onion, groundnut, vegetables, turmeric, grape, pomegranate

History of administrative districts in Pune Division[edit]

There have been changes in the names of districts and has seen also the addition of newer districts after India gained Independence in 1947 and also after the state of Maharashtra was formed.

Coordinates: 18°31′48″N 73°50′24″E / 18.53000°N 73.84000°E / 18.53000; 73.84000