Pungent Stench

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Pungent Stench
The Church οf Pungent Stench
Pungent Stench @ Vice Launch Party 2.jpg
Pungent Stench in 2007
Background information
Origin Austria
Genres Death metal
Years active 1988–1995, 1999–2007, 2013-
Labels Nuclear Blast Records
Associated acts Hollenthon
Website http://www.pungentstench.org, http://www.pungentstench.net
Members Martin Schirenc
Danny Vacuum
Mike G. Mayhem
Past members Fabio Testi
Jacek Perkowski
Reverend Mausna
El Gore
Alex Wank

Pungent Stench is a darkly humorous death metal band from Vienna, Austria, which formed in 1988. Their last known lineup consists of Martin Schirenc (vocals/guitar), Danny Vacuum (vocals/bass), and Mike G. Mayhem (drums). They dissolved in 1995, re-formed in 1999, then split up again 2007 after recording a final studio album which has yet to be released, and re-formed again in 2013.

Martin Schirenc is also leader of the symphonic black metal band Hollenthon. He recently reformed under the new name Shirenc Plays Pungent Stench and is currently touring classic material under this name. Martin is also set to guest star in Australian cult horror band Vegas Rhythm Kings [www.thevrk. com]

Musical style[edit]

Though Pungent Stench is a death metal band, its musical style has also been influenced by rock and blues. Such non-metal influences can be heard on songs such as "Viva la muerte", "Madcatmachopsychoromantik", "Family Man" and "Got MILF?". Schirenc's choice of guitar (he often plays a Fender Telecaster, a rarity among metal guitarists) probably signals these influences.

Lyrical content[edit]

The lyrical content of the songs is more sexually orientated than that of other death metal bands; themes covered include coprophagia, rape, paedophilia, and acrotomophilia. The album covers reflect this as well: many of their album covers are transgressive and sometimes shocking photos by Joel-Peter Witkin.


Final line-up[edit]

  • Martin Schirenc (also known as El Cochino) - vocals, guitar (1988–1995, 1999–2007, 2013-)
  • Danny Vacuum - vocals, bass (2013-)
  • Mike G. Mayhem - drums (2013-)

Former members[edit]

  • Fabio Testi - bass (2004)
  • Jacek Perkowski - bass (1988–1995)
  • Reverend Mausna - bass (1999–2004)
  • El Gore - bass (2004–2007)
  • Alex Wank - drums (1988–1995, 1999–2007)


Video releases[edit]

  • Video La Muerte (Nuclear Blast, VHS release, 1993) - features three music videos and eight tracks recorded live in Bremen, Germany

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