Punishment of Marsyas

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Punishment of Marsyas
Titian - The Flaying of Marsyas.jpg
Artist Titian
Year c. 1570–1576
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 212 cm × 207 cm (83 in × 81 in)
Location National Museum, Kroměříž

The Punishment of Marsyas (also known as The Flaying of Marsyas) is a painting by the Italian late Renaissance artist Titian, painted around 1570-1576. It is currently housed in National Museum in Kroměříž, in the Czech Republic. It's Titian's last finished work.


The painting is part of a series of canvases with mythological themes which Titian executed in his late years. It portrays the flaying of Marsyas, a silenus who dared to defy the God Apollo. The choice of such a crude scene was perhaps inspired by the death of Marcantonio Bragadin, a Venetian commander who was flayed by the Ottomans in that period.[1]

Midas, the thoughtful character on the right, is likely the artist's self-portrait.[2]

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