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Punjab Group of Colleges
Punjab Group Of Colleges Logo.jpeg
Motto Striving for Excellence
Established 1985
Type Private
Chairman Mian Amer Mahmood
Location , Pakistan Pakistan
Campus Urban
Mascot Punjabians
Affiliations Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore, Pakistan Engineering Council, Higher Education Commission
Website Official Website

The Punjab Group of Colleges (also known as The Punjab Group) (PGC) is an association of universities, colleges and organisations in Pakistan. PGC established as The Islamic Commerce Educational Society (ICES), registered in 1985 by Mian Amer Mahmood, which established its first faculty, the Punjab College of Commerce & Punjab College of Science, in Muslim Town on Canal Bank in Lahore, followed a few years later by the Punjab Law College. Since then the Punjab Group has branched out into the cities of Punjab.

The group established another network in cities of the Punjab by the name of Punjab College of Information Technology (PCIT), the first having been established in Lahore in 2000 and the latest at Sialkot in 2005. Capital University of Science & Technology - CUST in Islamabad,Mohammad Ali Jinnah University - MAJU in Sindh and the University of Central Punjab - UCP in Punjab are chartered universities of the Group. Punjab College of Business Administration (PCBA) was established in 1991 and Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS), in 1993 are the colleges of University of Central Punjab.

Punjab Group of Colleges under the supervision of Mr. Ahmad Azdee (Bazurag), is the largest higher education group in Pakistan. Punjab Group of Colleges is also affiliated with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore which is the main stream of education throughout the country. Punjab Group of Colleges have over 189,000 students on roll. There are over 230 campuses of Punjab Colleges, 350+ campuses of Allied Schools and 3 Chartered Universities include in The Punjab Group.


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The punjab college of commerce and computer sciences haroonabad Punjab Group Of Colleges Ahmedpur East The Punjab College of Commerce and Computer Sciences Haroonabad

Academic programs in Punjab College of Science[edit]

Punjab College of Science offers intermediate programs which are listed below :

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Medical
  • Computer Science

economics Commerce

Academic programs in Punjab College of Commerce[edit]

Punjab College of Commerce offers intermediate programs which are listed below :

  • Commerce
  • General Science
  • Arts
  • ADP and M.com

ADP a new degree offered by Punjab Group of Colleges.

Associated institutions[edit]

Following is the information of institutions associated with Punjab Group of Colleges :

  • University of Central Punjab(UCP)

The University of Central Punjab (UCP), located in Lahore, Pakistan, is a private sector university and is running under Punjab Group of Colleges. The five colleges in the university are the faculties of Commerce, Management Studies, Information Technology, Engineering, and Law.[1]

  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah University(MAJU)

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) is a private university in Pakistan named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The main campus is in Karachi; the other campus is in Islamabad. MAJU was established in 1998 after the grant of a charter by the Government of Sindh. MAJU, unlike some other institutions, which have a degree awarding status only, has a status of a comprehensive university. The university is affiliated with the Punjab Group of Colleges.[2]

  • Punjab College of Science

Punjab College of Science (PCS) is a medical and engineering college in Pakistan. Its head office is located in Lahore. It is running under Punjab Group of Colleges. For students desirous of pursuing science subjects, Punjab Colleges of Science were set up in all the major cities of Punjab where students mainly study F.Sc. Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical courses.[3]

Punjab College, Gujrat Building
  • Punjab College of Commerce

Punjab College of Commerce (PCC) is a private commerce educational institute in Pakistan which has 39 campuses all around the country. PCC was founded in 1985 by the Punjab Group of Colleges, and now it has become the largest group of private college in commerce and related fields.[4]

  • Punjab Law College

Punjab Law College (PLC) is a law college in Pakistan. Its chairman is Mian Amer Mahmood (former Mayor of Lahore). Punjab Law College is based in Lahore. It is affiliated with the Punjab Group of Colleges. Punjab Law College Lahore has the privilege of being the first Law College in the Private Sector. It was established on 1 October 1987, under the auspices of `Islamic Commerce Educational Society (Regd)'. The objective has been to provide quality education in Law with an emphasis on the concept of Islamic Justice and its implementation in Pakistan.[5]

  • Resource Academia

Resource Academia (RA), founded in 2003, is a private fee-paying academic institution located at Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, as part of the W-block compound. Resource Academia provides preschool education, primary education, secondary education and preparation for General Certificate of Education (GCE). It is affiliated with the Punjab Group of Colleges.[6]

  • Allied Schools

Allied Schools is a school system and a group of schools in Pakistan. This school system is working under the Punjab Group of Colleges. Its founder & chairman is Mian Amer Mahmood. It is spread all around in the Pakistan.[7]

Land mark achieved[edit]

  • Establishment of Punjab College 1985

at Canal Bank, Lahore

  • Establishment of 1986

Islamic Commerce Educational Society

  • Establishment Punjab Law Colleges 1988
  • Punjab College at 1988

Faisalabad and Rawalpindi

  • Punjab College of 1991

Business Administration, Lahore

  • Punjab Institute of 1993

Computer Science, Lahore

  • Punjab College at Islamabad 1996
  • Punjab College at Gujranwala 1997
  • Punjab College for Women 1998
  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi 1998
  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 1998
  • Punjab College opens its branches at 1999

Sargodha and Multan

  • Punjab College of Information Technology 2000
  • Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited 2001

starts operations

  • University of Central Punjab 2002
  • Resource Academia School System 2003
  • Punjab College at Sialkot 2004
  • Punjab Colleges of Science 2005
  • Punjab College at Rahim Yar Khan 2006
  • Dunya News Network goes on air 2008
  • Punjab College expands its network to 2009

Bhawalpur, Gujrat, Okara New Campus of University of 2010

  • Central Punjab at Johar Town, Lahore
  • New Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah 2010

University in Islamabad

  • Allied Schools 2010

(Franchised Educational Network)

  • Setting up of 2010.

Punjab Colleges in 18 New Cities

  • Setting up of 2011

Punjab Colleges in 20 New Cities

  • Launch of DOCE Bakers and Sweets 2011
  • Setting up of 2012

Punjab Colleges in 17 New Cities

  • Capital University of 2012

Science & Technology (CUST)

  • Establishment of Capital University Science & Technology (CUST) which start its classes officially in September 2015.


Punjab Group of Colleges have over 700,000 alumni.

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Official Facebook Page for Punjab Group of Colleges: Punjab Group of Colleges

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Official Facebook Page for Punjab Group of Colleges: Punjab Group of Colleges

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