Punjab State Power Corporation

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Government-owned Corporation-PSU
Industry Electric power distribution
Founded 2010 (vide notification number1/9/08-FB(PR)196 Dt. 16.04.2010)[1]
Headquarters Patiala, Punjab, India
Key people
Sri K.D. Chowdary, chairman cum managing director [2]
Products Electricity
Website http://pspcl.in/

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) is the electricity generating and distributing company of the Government of Punjab state in India.


PSPCL was incorporated as company on 16-04-2010 and was given the responsibility of operating and maintenance of State's own generating projects and distribution system. The business of Generation of power of erstwhile PSEB was transferred to PSPCL.


All the power Stations operated at their best ever plant load factor since their installation. kdfsfds Net Power generated during 2008-09 is 37222 Million units, which is more than 2006-07 by 2238 Million Units resulting of 6.40% increase in two years. The 1980 MW (3x660) Talwandi Sabo Power Project awarded to M/s Sterlite Energy Ltd. Mumbai on 4.7.08 and PPA signed on 1.9.08. Power purchase agreement with M/S GVK for installing 2x270 MW thermal power station at Goindwal Sahib signed on 26 May 2009. The foundation stone has been laid and the company has started the construction.

4.76 lakh new connections including 61849 No. tubewell connections were released during 2007-09. 24 Hrs. Urban pattern supply made available to 12428 villages and 6158 Deras/ Dhanies with 5 or more houses. To help SC & BPL consumers, free monthly consumption up to 200 units allowed for connected load of 1000 watts w.e.f. 12-10-06 instead of earlier 500 watts. Strict measures have been taken to reduce power theft. Disciplinary action taken against the erring employees and 5 numbers Anti Power Theft Police Stations have been set up. New technologies like electronic meters, remote control of transformers, remote meter reading and HVDS system for AP/ Industries introduced. 20.29 lakh meters out of 55.98 lakh General/ Industrial Consumers shifted out of their premises as on 31.3.09 to curb theft of energy. All these measures have helped in reducing losses by 4% from 23.92% (2006–07) to 19.91% (2008–09) / which resulted in substantial increase in revenue. During 2007-09, 62 numbers New Grid substations erected and capacity at 132 number Grid substations augmented besides addition of 1070 circuit km. Transmission line and 149 MVAR shunt capacitors to State Grid.

Power plants[edit]



  • Ranjit Sagar Dam, 600 MW
  • Shanan Power House. It is a 110 MW hydro power plant.
  • Anandpur Sahib Hydel Channel, 67 MW
  • Mukerian Hydel, 207 MW
  • UBDC Hydroelectric Power House, 45 MW
  • Bhakra Nangal Project
  • Gangual Power house
  • Pong Dam Project
  • Dehar Power House
  • Thein Dam Project
  • Shahpur Kandi Project