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Dixon Christie and Jeffree Star.jpg

Dixon Christie with Jeffree Star
Type of site
News and reviews
Owner Dixon Christie
Created by Dixon Christie
Website PunkTV.ca
Alexa rank Negative increase 16,046,647 (April 2014)[1]
Launched September, 2004
Current status Active

PunkTV.ca is a website and online lifestyle magazine that focuses on punk rock, heavy metal and various alternative genres primarily through CD reviews and musician interviews. Additionally, the site has a specialized focus on local Canadian music. PunkTV.ca is the largest of three media website/online magazines run by Dixon Christie, the others being MyDocumentary.ca and youthTV.ca.


PunkTV.ca was founded in 2004 and has since grown to receive over three million hits per month in addition to over 10,000 interviews, photos, and features. The site originally started with a focus on only local and punk bands, but has since grown to feature interviews and CD reviews including everything from goth, industrial, and heavy metal to folk and pop music. Some key interviews for the site have been with ex-Rolling Stone Editor, Ben Fong-Torres and drummer for The Police, Stewart Copeland. On top of the standard fare of touring musicians, Dixon has established an underdog approach to covering bands big and small and was one of the first online publications to Interview Jeffree Star and Tila Tequila, and the site published article intros that would be used as bios for both of the fledgling stars.

Recently, PunkTV.ca's has expressed plans to expand the site and will soon be releasing its own internet video content, using ten channels that will be provided through QuickTime streaming video. Although the proposed shows mainly keep with PunkTV.ca's emphasis on interviews, it has also been stated that they will feature live performances as well as music videos. Additionally, the company has stated interest in allowing visitors to upload their own music-related video content to the site.

In 2007, Canada's biggest online youth community, Nexopia.com, launched a PunkTV.ca channel on their site.

In 2009, work has since stopped in the site. An obvious lack of work updating content and the removal of the PunkTV YouTube channel is evidence that the website has since stopped operation.


Most of the work for PunkTV.ca is done by the aforementioned owner, Dixon Christie, who has expressed in interviews a desire to complete at least ten interviews per week. Interviews are conducted via phone, typically, and then transcription of the interviews is done by outside hires. CD reviews, which are done on a scale of 0-10 in 1/2 increments, as well as music news and features, are also provided by freelance writers.


PunkTV.ca receives over three million hits per month and, according to Alexa, is one of the top 100,000 visited websites for Canadians. US and Canadian traffic makes up over half of the site's visitation.


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