Punk Core Records

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Punk Core Records
Punkcore skull.png
FounderDave Punk Core
GenreStreet punk
Country of originUnited States
LocationLong Island, New York
Official websitewww.punkcore.com

Punk Core Records is an inactive record label founded in 1989 by Dave Punk Core. The label is based on Long Island, New York. Punk Core originally started out a punk zine/distro in the late 80's, but became a record label in the mid 90's. Punk Core is often credited for helping to revive street punk, a genre that had flourished in early 80's Britain but had disappeared by the end of the decade.

Punk core has been regarded as on of the greatest DIY record labels of all time. The label took underground punk rock to the next level during the 1990s. Bringing global exposure to many underground bands especially out of the New York area.

In 2006, Punk Core Records released the compilation DVD, Pure Punk Rock. The DVD was directed by punk filmmaker Lewis Smithingham, and featured live performances from all of the bands on the label. The label is inactive, the last new release having been March 11, 2008[1]


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