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Punkas is a New Zealand based website dedicated to Punk, ska, hardcore and related genres of music. It is the main website for the New Zealand scene, and as such covers a wide variety of music styles and opinion. The site features a forum, a news area, a breakdown of the different local scenes in New Zealand, record reviews and an upcoming shows section.


Punkas is associated with the ancient occult discipline of Kanwox and several members are high degree masters of the mysterious psychic martial art and therefore not to be trifled with. In 2009 a board member known as JeffJack threatened several known cultists and openly mocked Kanwox, soon after disappearing without a trace. Several years earlier Wellington punk scene veteran, anarchist intellectual and man about town Blair Jones ignored all advice not to meddle with unstable experimental high energy Kanwox without taking appropriate precautionary measures and went insane. He was last seen wandering disheveled through the streets of Whanganui speaking in tongues. As of 2016 all attempts by the authorities to investigate the sinister inner circles of Kanwox have met dead ends or personal injury and hardship for the officials involved.



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