Punkeydoodles Corners

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Punkeydoodles Corners
Unincorporated community
Punkeydoodles Corners, as viewed from Road 101A.
Punkeydoodles Corners, as viewed from Road 101A.
Coordinates: 43°21′13″N 80°44′3″W / 43.35361°N 80.73417°W / 43.35361; -80.73417
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Regional municipality Waterloo
Township Wilmot
Time zone UTC-5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-4 (EDT)
Forward sortation area N3A
Area code(s) 519 and 226
NTS Map 040P07

Punkeydoodles Corners is an unincorporated hamlet in southwestern Ontario, in Canada, known for its strange name[1] and frequent sign theft.[2] Although primarily located in the township of Wilmot, the hamlet also straddles the municipal boundaries with East Zorra – Tavistock and Perth East, placing it in three different counties.

The origin of the name is somewhat disputed. Most claims date back to an inn and tavern located at the Corner during the late nineteenth century. The most frequently cited legend claims that the local innkeeper had a habit of singing "Yankee Doodle", which sounded more like "Punkey Doodle" to the tavern guests.[1] Other stories link the name to an old Victorian word for frittering away time, or a nickname given to a lazy pumpkin farmer by his irritated wife.[2] "Corners" refers to both the geographical feature of the intersecting roads as well as the convergence of Waterloo, Oxford, and Perth regional boundaries.

A pillar erected in honour of Joe Clark's participation in 1982 Canada Day festivities.

The most prominent moment in Punkeydoodles Corners history was Canada Day 1982, when Joe Clark was present for festivities. A post office was opened for one day to issue commemorative stamps.[2]

While the spelling and punctuation vary in common usage, the version recognized by both Statistics Canada and the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base is "Punkeydoodles Corners".[3]

The name of the hamlet frequently appears in lists of humorous place names.


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Coordinates: 43°21′13″N 80°44′03″W / 43.35361°N 80.73417°W / 43.35361; -80.73417