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Punkva 00223.jpg
Punkva in Moravian Karst
Physical characteristics
Length 29 km (18 mi)
  • Average rate:
    1 m3/s (35 cu ft/s)

Punkva is a 29-km long river in South Moravia, Czech Republic. It originates in Moravian Karst in underground and flows to Macocha Gorge, from which it then flows through the Punkva Caves. After leaving the caves Punkva flows through the valley and several fish ponds. It enters Svitava River in Blansko as its left tributary.[1]


Coordinates: 49°20′54″N 16°39′6″E / 49.34833°N 16.65167°E / 49.34833; 16.65167