Punta Sal

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Punta Sal

Punta Sal is a coastal village located along the Pacific Ocean in the region of Tumbes, northern Peru.[1] Due to its more equatorial location, the current of El Niño warms the surrounding sea and the local climate.[1] Punta Sal's ample beaches, with whitish sands and blue warm waters have made this area a popular beach resort.[1]


Punta Sal is considered the longest beach in the northern Peruvian coast.[1] Its 6.5 km of length are divided in two sectors: Punta Sal Chica (a slightly curved shore, encased between two small capes, with white sands) and Punta Sal Grande (a longer beach with less whitish sands).[1][2] Water temperature is warm (24 °C) all year round; waters are also calm the whole year.[1]

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Coordinates: 3°59′S 80°59′W / 3.983°S 80.983°W / -3.983; -80.983


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