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Punta Stilo Lighthouse
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Punta Stilo Lighthouse
Punta Stilo is located in Calabria
Punta Stilo
Location Punta Stilo
Coordinates 38°26′51.2″N 16°34′39.0″E / 38.447556°N 16.577500°E / 38.447556; 16.577500Coordinates: 38°26′51.2″N 16°34′39.0″E / 38.447556°N 16.577500°E / 38.447556; 16.577500
Year first constructed 1887
Construction masonry tower
Tower shape octagonal prism tower with double balcony and lantern attached to 1-storey keeper's house
Markings / pattern black and white horizontal bands, grey lantern dome
Height 15 metres (49 ft)
Focal height 54 metres (177 ft)
Current lens type OR 250
Light source mains power
Range main: 22 nautical miles (41 km; 25 mi)
reserve: 11 nautical miles (20 km; 13 mi)
Characteristic Fl (3) W 15s.
Admiralty number E2108
NGA number 10584
ARLHS number ITA-147
Italy number 3388 E.F.
Managing agent Marina Militare[1][2]

Punta Stilo (Italian for "Cape of Columns") is the name of an arcuate headland in Calabria, Italy. It lies immediately north of Monasterace (the site of ancient Caulonia)[3] and constitutes the western coast of the Gulf of Squillace. Pliny the Elder refers to it by the name Cocynthum.[4][5] The names Punta Stilo and Stilida were mentioned for the first time in the Itinerarium maritimum which dates to the late fifth century AD.[citation needed]


During the Second World War, 30 miles east of Punta Stilo on 9 July 1940, the Battle of Punta Stilo took place between the Italian and British navies. It was one of the few pitched battles of the Mediterranean campaign during World War II involving large numbers of ships on both sides. The clash was indecisive, though both sides claimed victory.


Punta Stilo Lighthouse (Italian: Faro di Punta Stilo) is an active lighthouse on the Ionian Sea along the coast of Calabria in the municipality of Monasterace. The works to build the tower started in 1891 and the light was lit the first time in May 1895.[6] The tower, attached to 1-storey keeper’s house, has an octagonal prism shape and it is built in masonry. It is white painted with black horizontal bands, has an height of 15 metres (49 ft) and is placed at 54 metres (177 ft) above sea level. The lighthouse emits three white flashes in a 15 seconds period visible up to 22 nautical miles (41 km; 25 mi). The light is operated by the Lighthouses Service of Marina Militare identified by the code number 3388 E.F. [2]

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