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The word punter may refer to:

  • A speculator in the stock market
  • A gambler, particularly an amateur betting on horse racing or a player in the game of Baccarat
  • A beginner skier or snowboarder, especially one with particularly bad style
  • Someone who uses a punt (boat)
  • Punter (football), a position in American or Canadian football
  • The Punters, a Newfoundland traditional music group
  • Punter (protocol), a file-transfer protocol
  • Ricky Ponting (born 1974), nicknamed Punter, a former Australian cricketer
  • A British, Australian, New Zealand and Hiberno (Irish) English pejorative colloquial term for a paying guest or customer, especially
  • Punter (ship), a Dutch flatbottom ship type
  • Australian or New Zealand colloquial term for voting citizens
  • Punternet, an escort rating service

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