Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival

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Punto de Vista. International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra

Creation : 2005
Location : Pamplona (Spain)
Hosted by : Gobierno de Navarra
Prix : Gran Premio Punto de Vista
Prix Jean Vigo
Directors : Carlos Mugiro y Ana Herrera
Web :  www.puntodevistafestival.com/ 

The Punto de Vista Documentary Film Festival is a space for celebrating, discovering and analysing the form of cinema generically grouped under the heading of ‘documentary’. It is held annually in Pamplona (Spain) in February, and is organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Regional Government of Navarre.

Punto de Vista paid tribute to the director of Zero de Conduite on the centenary of his birth in 2005. Luce Vigo, film critic and daughter of Vigo and Elizabeth Lozinska, attended that year. The festival provided an opportunity to look back on Vigo’s entire filmography and also represented the first step in a relationship which has now fructified in the form of this award.

The Festival took its name, Punto de Vista (Point of View), as a tribute to Vigo, the first director to refer, back in the 30’s, to a “documented point of view” as a distinctive sign of a form of filmmaking which commits the filmmaker.

Prix Jean Vigo for the best director[edit]

The Prix Jean Vigo aims to strengthen both the spirit which inspired the festival in the first place and its commitment to the work of Jean Vigo. The creation of this prize has been made possible thanks to the close ties between Punto de Vista and the family of the great French filmmaker.

This is the first prize in Spain associated with the memory of the director of L'Atalante, but in France, the Prix Jean Vigo is closely related to some of the best filmmaking of the last 50 years. The Prix Jean Vigo was created in France in 1951 as a means of promoting young filmmakers with the greatest prospects. Figures such as Alain Resnais, Chris Marker, Claude Chabrol and Jean-Luc Godard can all be named among its winners.






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