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The Pur River (Russian: Пур) is a river in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia. The Pur River proper starts at the confluence of the Pyakupur and Aivasedapur Rivers. The Pur River is 389 kilometres (242 mi) long. It is often considered as the Pyakupur's extension, which would make it 1,024 kilometres (636 mi) long. The area of its basin is 112,000 square kilometres (43,000 sq mi).

Just a few miles west of the mouth of the Taz River, the Pur River flows into the Taz Estuary, which is connected through the Gulf of Ob with the Kara Sea. The river freezes up in November and stays icebound until May. The Urengoy gas field and Gubkin gas and oil field are located in the basin of the Pur River.


  • Gas production: [1]

Coordinates: 67°27′00″N 77°43′00″E / 67.45°N 77.7167°E / 67.45; 77.7167