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Pura Foods Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of edible oils and fats.

The company now has two sites by the Thames, with manufacturing plant at Purfleet and R&D facilities at the former British Oil & Cake Mills (BOCM) in Erith. It is now part of ADM. The plant at Blackwall, east London, closed in 2006.

The Blackwall plant was on an isthmus site, at Leamouth, surrounded by a tight loop of Bow Creek (the tidal mouth of the River Lea), once occupied by the Thames Plate Glass Works (closed in 1874). It was one of the last surviving industrial plants in this part of London, once an important shipbuilding centre.

Coordinates: 51°28′16″N 0°15′29″E / 51.47121°N 0.25803°E / 51.47121; 0.25803