Pura Penataran Sasih

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Entrance of Penataran Sasih
Chronogram of Penataran Sasih
Courtyard of Penataran Sasih
Pavilion that houses the Moon of Pejeng

Pura Penataran Sasih is a Hindu temple in Pejeng village, Bali. It was founded, according to a modern chronogram displayed at the entrance, in 1266 AD, and served as the state temple of the Pejeng Kingdom, 1293 - 1343 AD.[1]

Significant features of the temple include:[2]

  • A split-gate entrance.
  • A modern chronogram in front of the entrance.
  • A collection of 10th-12th century[3] Hindu sculptures that were brought here from other parts of the island.
  • A very tall, stone Seat of Ganesh in the middle of the main courtyard.
  • The celebrated Moon of Pejeng, a very early and revered colossal bronze drum.


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Coordinates: 8°30′49.54″S 115°17′36.50″E / 8.5137611°S 115.2934722°E / -8.5137611; 115.2934722