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Purbeck Miniature Railway
Locale The Purbeck School, Wareham, Dorset, England
Dates of operation 1980s–2013
Track gauge 7 14 in (184 mm)
Length 250 metres (270 yd)
Purbeck Miniature Railway
Carriage sheds
Purbeck South station
Engine shed
Wildlife pond
Monument station

Purbeck Miniature Railway is a 7 14 in (184 mm) gauge miniature railway, located at The Purbeck School near Wareham, Dorset, England.[1] Construction started in the late 1980s in co-operation with the Weymouth & District Society of Model Engineers[2] and has closed due to building works on The Purbeck School.

The line runs from a passenger station at Monument, around the main playground, before crossing a bridge and passing through a tunnel to reach the second station where the main sheds are located. The line is approximately 250 metres (270 yd) long.

Rolling stock[edit]

The line built its own rolling stock over the years, inspired by Heywood designs. There was a range of wagons for maintenance purposes including a ballast hopper, weedkiller tank, guards vans and open wagons. The passenger stock also varied from enclosed 4 wheel coaches to open sit astride trolleys.

Petrol and electric locomotives

Built Name Type Image Current working order
Not available Dougal Diesel/petrol Not Available Working
Not available Electric Trolley Electric Not available Sold/no longer wwned by the railway
1991 Tram Electric Not available Sold/no longer owned by the railway
1999 - Purbeck Works Princess Diesel/petrol Not available Working
Not available Lion Diesel/hydraulic Not available Minor engine fault
2011 Joy/Joyce Electric Not available Minor technical fault
2007 - Constructed by the two Toms Trolley Manual Not available Working

Steam locomotives

Built Name Image Current working order
1997 Vertical Boiler Not available Sold/no longer owned by the railway
Not available Annie B Not available Owner no longer at the railway
Not available B4 Not available Working
Not available Biz Not available Working
Not available Alice Not available Sold/no longer owned by the railway
Not available Benjamin Not available Re-construction suspended


There was a signal box at Purbeck South which controlled the points and semaphore signals, allowing more than one train to operate at once. At Monument there was a simple arrangement of two platforms and a turntable, which was operated by the guard, shunter or driver.

Public operating[edit]

The line used to give rides to the public at car boot events, which were normally held on the first Sunday of each month. The railway has now been dismantled and is no longer in operation.

Junior Members Club[edit]

The line runs its own club for young people run by Noel Donnely, a former Purbeck school teacher. Public are welcome to come along and look and ride on the railway at the meetings or on special occasions and open days.


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Coordinates: 50°41′00″N 2°07′22″W / 50.68331°N 2.12281°W / 50.68331; -2.12281