Purdue Polytechnic Institute

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Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Established 1964
Dean Gary Bertoline[1]
Academic staff
Undergraduates 3,313[3](West Lafayette)
1,145 (Statewide)
Postgraduates 584[4]
Address 401 N Grant Street, United States West Lafayette, IN, USA
Campus West Lafayette
Affiliations Purdue University
Purdue University system
Website polytechnic.purdue.edu/

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute is one of ten major academic divisions, or Colleges, of Purdue University. With over 30,000 living alumni, it is one of the largest technology schools in the United States and currently tied for first place in rankings.


Purdue Polytechnic contains seven minor academic divisions, called Departments, schools, or divisions.


The Polytechnic Institute is unique at Purdue in that its programs are offered at nine different locations throughout the state of Indiana, including several locations that are not satellite campuses of the Purdue University system. Each Statewide location offers degree programs that follow the same curriculum requirements as those of the main campus in West Lafayette, although not all programs may be offered at Statewide locations.[5] The nine Statewide locations are:

The entirety of Purdue Polytechnic at the main campus in West Lafayette, including faculty offices, classrooms, and laboratories, is located in the Knoy Hall of Technology and Michael Golden Laboratories.


On February 15, 1964, the Purdue University Board of Trustees approved a proposal for a new undergraduate school — the School of Technology — that would organize Purdue's applied learning programs into a single administrative unit. The proposal went into effect July 1, 1964. In January 2005, the School of Technology was renamed the College of Technology.[1] All other schools at Purdue were renamed with the exceptions of the Krannert School of Management and the School of Veterinary Medicine.

With the adoption of competency-based learning methods and other changes, the college changed its name to the Purdue Polytechnic Institute in 2015.[6][7]


Purdue Polytechnic Institute is tied for first in the United States in the total number of engineering technology degrees awarded.[8]

Purdue awards more engineering technology degrees to women than any other university or college in the country.[9]

The Technology Education program, offered jointly with the College of Education, ranks first in the nation.[10]


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