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Veritas NetBackup
NetBackup Administration Console.png
The NetBackup 6.5 Administration Console.
Stable release
8.0 / December 5, 2016; 8 months ago (2016-12-05)
Development status Active
Platform Cross-platform
Type Backup and recovery
License proprietary

In computing, Veritas NetBackup (called Symantec NetBackup prior to Symantec's divestiture of Veritas) is an enterprise-level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite. It provides cross-platform backup functionality to a large variety of Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

NetBackup features a central master server which manages both media servers (containing the backup media) and clients. Core server platforms include Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64, Linux and Windows.

NetBackup OpsCenter, which comes bundled with the NetBackup 7.0 distribution and replaces the NetBackup Operations Manager[1] (NOM) component used in previous versions, can manage multiple NetBackup environments. NetBackup comes with support for many hardware devices like tape drives, tape libraries, disk units. It supports, amongst many[quantify] other features, hot backups for major database products like Oracle; it can natively backup and restore the virtual machines of major virtualization products like VMware Infrastructure, can use Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), and has tape vaulting. NetBackup also enables LAN-free and server-free backups in SAN fabric environments.


  • In 1987, Chrysler Corporation engaged Control Data Corporation to write a backup software solution.[2] A small group of engineers (Rick Barrer, Rosemary Bayer, Paul Tuckfield and Craig Wilson) wrote the software. Other Control Data customers later adopted it for their own needs.
  • In 1990, Control Data formed the Automated Workstation Backup System business unit.[3] The first version of AWBUS supported two tape drives in a single robotic carousel with the SGI IRIX operating system.[2]
  • In 1993, Control Data renamed the product to BackupPlus 1.0 (this is why many NetBackup commands have a 'bp' prefix). Software improvements included support for media Volume Management and Server Migration/Hierarchical Storage Management.
  • In late 1993, OpenVision Technologies acquired the product and Control Data’s Storage Management 12-person team. This is why, on UNIX platforms, NetBackup installs into /usr/openv. During this time, OpenVision renamed Backup Plus to NetBackup.[2]
  • On May 6, 1997 Veritas acquired OpenVision Technologies, including absorption of the NetBackup product line.[4]
  • In 2005 Symantec acquired Veritas and NetBackup became a Symantec product.[5] Also at that time, Symantec released NetBackup 6.0, the 30th version of the software.
  • In 2015 Symantec announced they would be splitting off the Information Management Business which contains NetBackup, into a new public company named Veritas Technologies Corporation.[6]

Main features[edit]

  • NetBackup Accelerator
    • Technology to provide faster full backups by eliminating the need to read the entire file system
  • Intelligent Data Deduplication and Auto Image Replication (AIR)[7]
    • Client or server-side deduplication via data deduplication engine that can see into the backup streams
    • AIR supports backup image replication to other netbackup domain (datacenter)
  • NetBackup Replication Director
    • Managing snapshots and replications from NetBackup and providing the ability move them to secondary storage. Snapshots and replicas act as recovery points and get cataloged
  • NetBackup Search and Operational Restore
    • Built-in indexing and the ability to restore files through search. Operational restores let operators or application owners to self-serve their restore needs.
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Management and Reporting
    • Java administration console and activity monitor
    • Web-based management reporting (VERITAS NetBackup Operations Manager)
    • Tape volume, drive and library viewing
    • Error message identification, categorization and troubleshooting
    • NetBackup vCenter plugin
    • Add-in for Microsoft SCVMM Console
    • Localization/Language packs
  • Media Management
    • Enterprise Media Manager
    • Automatic robotic/tape drive configuration
    • Broad tape device support
  • Heterogeneous Support
    • Broad platform support
    • Bare-metal restore, supports P2V as an option.
    • Support for leading networking topologies
    • Advanced software and hardware snapshot support
    • NetBackup RealTime
    • OpenStorage (OST) support[9]
    • Backup as a Service (BAAS)
    • Limited IPv6 support
    • Cloud storage/connector, as well Amazon AMI (running in Amazon EC2 cloud)
    • Virtual Appliance for Remote Office

Major releases[edit]

  • 8.0 was released in December, 2016 [10][11]
  • 7.7 was released in July 2015 [12]
  • 7.6 was released in October, 2013 [13]
  • 7.5 was released in March, 2012
  • 7.1 was released in February, 2011
  • 7.0 was released in February, 2010
  • 6.5 was released in August, 2007
  • 6.0 was released in October, 2005 (30th release)
  • 5.0 was released in December, 2003
  • 4.5 was released in 2002
  • 3.4 was released in June, 2000
  • 3.0 was released in November, 1997
  • 2.0 was released in June, 1996 (12th release)
  • 1994: OpenVision coined the name NetBackup and released release 1.6

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