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Pure Blonde

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Pure Blonde
Pure Blonde Lager.jpg
Manufacturer Carlton & United Beverages
Introduced 2004
Alcohol by volume 4.6%
Style Pale Lager

Pure Blonde is a low carb beer produced in Australia. There are currently three styles of Pure Blonde; Pure Blonde Premium Lager, Pure Blonde Naked Lager (Midstrength) and Pure Blonde White Lager (full strength wheat beer).[1]

Pure Blonde Premium Lager

Pure Blonde was released to the Australian market in 2004, the first low carb beer in the country. According to CUB, the beer has 70 percent less carbohydrates than other lagers on the market.[2]

Pure Blonde Premium Lager is available on tap and also in 355ml bottles. It has an alcohol level of 4.6% ABV/1.3 standard drinks.[3]

Pure Blonde Naked Lager (3.5% Midstrength)

Pure Blonde Naked[4] is an all-malt lager made with Galaxy hops which the brewer claims contains no artificial preservatives and over 50 per cent fewer carbohydrates than the average of mid-strength beers, with an ABV of 3.5% ABV.

Pure Blonde Naked Lager is available on tap and also in 355ml bottles and 375ml cans. Bottles are available nationally and cans are available in NSW, QLD, NT and WA.

Pure Blonde White Lager (Wheat beer)

In November 2010, Carlton & United Beverages launched Pure Blonde White Lager, which claims to be the first Australian lower-carbohydrate wheat beer.[citation needed] The brewer recommends garnishing the beer with a thin slice of orange.

Pure Blonde White Lager is available on tap in selected venues nationally and also in 355ml bottles. It has aan ABV of 4.6%/1.3 standard drinks.


The Pure Blond Brewtopia campaign

  • Won Gold at the EFFIES in 2009
  • Won Silver in TV Lotus – Best of Alcoholic Beverages Category at Adfest 2008
  • Was a finalist in the Film – Alcoholic Drinks category at Cannes 2008
  • Won Silver in the Food/Beverage Category in the Phenoix Awards in 2008

The Pure Blonde Dove Love campaign

  • Won Bronze in the Best 45+" TV/Cinema category at the MADC Awards 2010.
  • Won Silver in the TV Over 30" category at the AWARD Awards (2010)
  • Won Silver in the TV Over 30" category at SPIKES ASIA (September 2010)
  • Won a Mobius in 2008 in the Alcoholic Beverage Category and Technique: Direction category

Music festivals

Pure Blonde continually supported the Australian music scene since 2009 with a series of summer music festival sponsorships throughout the summer.

Australian Record Industry Association Awards (ARIAs)

Pure Blonde is an official partner of the ARIA Awards

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