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Purex Crystals are a crystal form in-wash laundry fabric softener developed by Henkel. The Dial Corporation, a Henkel subsidiary based in Scottsdale, Arizona, manufactures and distributes the product in North America.

Purex crystals are sold in Europe by Henkel under a different name.[1] The Crystals were the first crystal form fabric softener sold in the United States,[2][full citation needed] Zooka Creative won a 2012 Effie Award for their marketing campaign for Purex.[3] Purex crystals are made up of 87% natural ingredients and do not reduce the absorbency of towels.[4] They can be safely used on active wear and children’s polyester sleepwear without harming the flame resistance properties or affecting absorbency.[5] In January 2013, Purex launched a version made specifically for babies.[6]


In 2013, the crystals won an award for best laundry fragrance enhancer from the laundry segment of about.com.[7] In addition, the marketing team behind the launch of Purex Crystals won a 2012 Gold Effie Award.[3][8]


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