Purila Manor

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Purila Manor
Purila mõisa peahoone 1.jpg
the manor today
Purila Manor is located in Estonia
Purila Manor
General information
Location Purila
Address Aia tee, Rapla vald, 79633, Estonia
Country Estonia
Coordinates 59°05′03″N 24°50′01″E / 59.084195°N 24.83356°E / 59.084195; 24.83356Coordinates: 59°05′03″N 24°50′01″E / 59.084195°N 24.83356°E / 59.084195; 24.83356
Completed 1810
Renovated 1930s
Technical details
Floor count 2

The original Purila Manor was first mentioned in 1513.[1] It was built in Purila, Rapla County and was rebuilt in 1810. It was used by Estonian aristocrary, including Friedrich Gustav von Helffreichi, until the 20th century when it was used for education. After World War II it was used by the Soviet Army, including the 8th Estonian Rifle Corps from 1953 to 1957.[citation needed]


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