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Purple Feather Records is an independent record label started by the members of the rock band The Donnas. In or before May 2006, The Donnas and Atlantic Records "parted ways."[1] The band then sought a deal with other record companies but was unable to get one with terms that were to their liking[citation needed], so the following year, they formed their own label. The Donnas announced their decision in Billboard's July 2007 'Independents Day' issue, which they were on the cover.[2]

The label is distributed by RedEye Distribution in the United States,[3] and various other distributors around the world.

The first album released on Purple Feather Records was The Donnas' own Bitchin' on September 18, 2007. The album reached #8 on the Independent Albums chart and #89 on the Billboard 200.[4]

The Donnas released a second album (their last to date) through the label entitled Greatest Hits Vol. 16 on July 7, 2009.


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