Purple Vista (Omni Series 2)

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Purple Vista
Studio album by Daniel Lanois
Released December 9, 2008
Genre Rock
Length 27 Minutes
Label Red Floor Records
Producer Daniel Lanois and Mark Howard
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Here Is What Is
(2007)Here Is What Is2007
The Omni Series

Purple Vista, a part of the Omni Series box set is the sixth studio album by Canadian songwriter and record producer Daniel Lanois. It was first released in December 2008 as a box set along with Steel (Omni Series 1) and Santiago (Omni Series 3).

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Daniel Lanois unless otherwise noted.

  1. "Tamboura"
  2. "Plains of Abraham"
  3. "Steamdog"
  4. "New Smoke"
  5. "Tremolo"
  6. "Berlin"
  7. "Filter Acarina"
  8. "Conveyor"
  9. "Purple Vista"
  10. "Kay Fuzz 30 '3'"