Purschenstein Castle

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Purschenstein Castle

Purschenstein Castle (German: Schloss Purschenstein) in Neuhausen/Erzgeb. in East Germany was built in the late 12th century, around 1200, probably by Boresch I (Borso). The toll and escort castle protected a salt road running from Central Germany to Bohemia. This long-distance trading route, also called the Old Bohemian Track (Alter Böhmischer Steig), ran from Leipzig past present-day Neuhausen and over the Deutscheinsiedler Saddle towards Prague. In 2005, the castle was bought by a Dutch businessman. Since then it has been renovated and houses a hotel, the Schlosshotel Purschenstein.


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Coordinates: 50°40′35″N 13°27′48″E / 50.67639°N 13.46333°E / 50.67639; 13.46333