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Modern purse hook from Taeshy

A purse hook (also known as a handbag hook or handbag hanger is a type of hook meant to temporarily secure a purse or handbag to a table, sink or armrest. Such hooks have been available since the 1920s. Queen Elizabeth II is said to employ an S-shaped one to hang her handbags on.[1]

Reasons for use[edit]

The practical uses are numerous; hanging a purse, bag, groceries, umbrella or any item that can be hung and needs to be kept close, for convenient access or to discourage theft.

A bag placed on the floor in a restaurant or bathroom will collect bacteria, fungi, and viruses.[2]

In Brazil there is a superstition that a woman will lose all of her money if she puts her purse on the floor.[1]


There are at least five types of purse hooks available. The order is based on patent file dates.

  • The original L style type with a circular pad and a rigid bent wire.
  • The link type with circular pad and a set links that either wrap around the pad or make a "hook"
  • A spring closing bracelet type
  • A twisting ring type
  • An S-shaped purse hanger

Gallery of purse hook types[edit]


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