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Purushottam Express
Purushottam Express waiting for its departure from Balasore.jpg
Service typeSuperfast
LocaleOdisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi
First service2 July 1993
Current operator(s)East Coast Railways
StartPuri (PURI)
EndNew Delhi (NDLS)
Distance travelled1,863 km (1,158 mi)
Average journey time31h 00m
Service frequencyDaily
Train number(s)12801 / 12802
On-board services
Class(es)AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, Sleeper Class, General Unreserved
Seating arrangementsYes
Sleeping arrangementsYes
Catering facilitiesAvailable
Observation facilitiesLarge Windows
Rolling stockLHB Coaches
Track gauge1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed60 km/h (37 mph) average including halts

The 12801 / 12802 Purushottam Express is a daily train which runs between Puri in Odisha and New Delhi. It is one of the most highly demanded train between Puri to New Delhi. It is a premium superfast category train which can run upto 130 km/h between Kanpur Central to New Delhi like Rajdhani Express which has 130 km/h maximum permissible speed. This train mainly passes through Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Punctuality of this train is very good which reaches Mughal Sarai Junction before time but due to heavy congestion between Mughal Sarai and New Delhi and also in foggy weather in winter season, it may reaches 30 minutes to 1 hour late at New Delhi railway station although it maintain its punctuality during other season.

Time Table[edit]

From Puri to New Delhi- 12801. The train starts from Puri Everyday

Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
PURI Puri Terminus Starting Station 21:45
KUR Khurda Road Jn 22:25 22:30
BBS Bhubaneswar 22:55 23:00
CTC Cuttack 23:30 23:35
JJKR Jajpur Keonjhar Road 00:28 00:30
BHC Bhadrak 01:28 01:30
BLS Balasore 02:15 02:20
HIJ Hijili Jn. 03:38 03:53
GTS Ghatsila 05:35 05:36
TATA Tatanagar 06:30 06:40
CNI Chandil Jn 07:40 07:42
PRR Purulia Jn 08:23 08:25
BKSC Bokaro Steel City 09:35 09:40
CRP Chandrapura 10:26 10:28
GMO NSC Bose Gomoh Jn 10:50 11:00
PNME Parasnath Jn 11:19 11:21
HZD Hazaribagh Road 11:40 11:42
KQR Koderma 12:20 12:22
PRP Paharpur 12:57 12:59
GAYA Gaya Jn 13:57 14:02
AUBR Anugraha Narayan Road 14:46 14:48
DOS Dehri On Sone 15:02 15:04
SSM Sasaram 15:18 15:20
BBU Bhabua Road 15:51 15:53
MGS Mughal Sarai Jn 17:05 17:20
CAR Chunar Jn 17:58 18:00
MZP Mirzapur 18:22 18:24
ALD Allahabad Jn 1940 1950
FTP Fatehpur 20:58 21:00
CNB Kanpur Central 22:05 22:10
GZB Ghaziabad 03:30 03:32
NDLS New Delhi 04:25 Destination Station

From New Delhi to Puri - 12802. The train starts from New Delhi Everyday.

Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
NDLS New Delhi Starting Station 22:25
CNB Kanpur Central 03:55 04:00
FTP Fatehpur 04:58 05:00
ALD Allahabad Jn 07:05 07:15
MZP Mirzapur 08:13 08:15
CAR Chunar Jn 08:40 08:42
MGS Mughal Sarai Jn 10:20 10:35
BBU Bhabua Road Jn 11:11 11:12
SSM Sasaram 11:44 11:45
DOS Dehri On Sone 12:02 12:04
AUBR Anugraha Narayan Road 12:17 12:18
GAYA Gaya Jn 13:10 13:15
PRP Paharpur 13:59 14:01
KQR Koderma Jn 14:38 14:40
HZD Hazaribagh Road Jn 15:18 15:20
PNME Parasnath 15:43 15:48
GMO NSC Bose Gomoh Jn 16:10 16:20
CRP Chandrapura 16:40 16:42
BKSC Bokaro Steel City Jn 17:15 17:20
PRR Purulia Jn 18:24 18:26
CNI Chandil Jn 19:12 19:14
TATA Tatanagar Jn 20:02 20:17
GTS Ghatsila 20:51 20:52
HIJ Hijili Jn. 22:33 22:48
BLS Balasore 00:07 00:12
BHC Bhadrak 01:18 01:21
JJKR Jajpur Keonjhar Road 01:49 01:51
CTC Cuttack Jn 02:50 02:55
BBS Bhubaneswar 03:30 30:35
KUR Khurda Road Jn 04:10 04:15
PURI Puri Terminus Destination Station 05:20


This train was the first train to have a Braille-embedded coach for blind passengers.[1] The train uses LHB Coaches since 1 December 2013.[2]


The 22 coaches of this train consist of twelve sleeper class coaches, four AC 3 tier, one AC 2 tier, two general second class coaches, two EOG and one hot buffet car.


It is hauled by a WAP 7 (HOG) equipped locomotive from Tughlakabad electric loco shed on its entire journey.


Purushottam Express is involved in the deadly rail accident on 20 August 1995 it collided to stationary Kalindi Express near Firozabad on the Delhi-Kanpur section of India's Northern Railway, at 02:55. This Firozabad rail disaster is considered as second most deadliest rail accident in Indian rail history with 358 people died (official list), however local people involved in rescue operation claim that the death toll is more than that. The first train, the "Kalindi Express" from Kanpur struck a cow but was unable to proceed as its brakes were damaged. It was then struck from behind at a speed of 100 km/h by the Purushottam Express from Puri. Three carriages of the Kalindi express were destroyed, the locomotive and front two carriages of the Purushottam express were derailed. Most of the 2200 passengers aboard the two trains were asleep at the time of the accident.

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