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Purushottam Publishers is a Publishing House and Media company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, publishing Academic Research & Career Guidebooks, College & School Textbooks and General Books.[1] It is one of the ventures promoted by the JIPL Group.[2]

Current assets[edit]

School textbooks[edit]

  • Purushottam's Bright Learners Social Studies - a series of eight school textbooks for std. I - VIII
  • Purushottam's Spectrums of General Knowledge - a series of eight school textbooks for std. I - VIII
  • Purushottam's FUNKIDS Art & Colour Book - a series of seven art & colour books for std. LKG - V

Higher academic publications[edit]

  • Yoga Vaani Bengali Edition - by Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirtha ISBN 978-81-924129-2-4 - An original[3] Siddhayoga book written in the early 1900s in India, this book discusses the experiences during meditation (sadhana) based on the siddhayoga kundalini shaktipat tradition of the author.
  • Fishermen of the Coastal Districts of Bengal - by Dr. Surjendu Dey ISBN 978-81-924129-0-0 - An authentic wide-spectrum research[4] oriented book covering multi-disciplinary areas of Sociology, Economics, Culture and History.
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship 2020 - by Er. Ravinder Kumar Handa ISBN 978-93-85908-30-9 - A notable case-study centric reference for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and students of Management.
  • Indian Society-Problems and Issues - by Dr. Saraswati Raju Iyer ISBN 978-93-85908-37-8 - A research oriented book covering relevant topics related to the contemporary Indian society. A valuable reference for students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), research scholars, educators, social scientists, those in the government and non-governmental organizations, social activists and policy makers. An essential reading for those interested in understanding problems and issues of Indian society.

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