Purwa Falls

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Purwa Falls
Purva Falls formed by Tons River.jpg
Location Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Total height 70 metres (230 ft)
Watercourse Tamasa or Tons

The Purwa Falls is a waterfall in Rewa district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The falls[edit]

The Tons River while descending through the Rewa Plateau and draining northwards makes a vertical falls of 70 metres (230 ft) known as the Purwa Falls.[1][2]

The Purwa Falls is an example of a nick point caused by rejuvenation. Knick point, also called a nick point or simply nick, represents breaks in slopes in the longitudinal profile of a river caused by rejuvenation. The break in channel gradient allows water to fall vertically giving risie to a waterfall.[3]


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