Purwodadi Grobogan

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For the district in Sumatra see Purwodadi, Sumatra

Purwodadi Grobogan is a capital and a district in Grobogan Regency, Central Java. It is located to the south east of Semarang, the capital of Central Java, Indonesia. It is also well known for tauco, a soya bean sauce, and swieke, a frog legs dish.

The east side of the district is geographically a valley area between two rocky mountains, Kendeng to the south and Pegunungan Kapur Utara to the north. The mountains have teak and mahogany forests. The valley is used for agriculture and spreads from the west to the east. The area has many rivers, highways and railways.

Village / District (kelurahan)[edit]

  1. Candisari
  2. Cingkrong
  3. Danyang
  4. Genuksuran
  5. Kalongan
  6. Kandangan
  7. Karanganyar
  8. Kedungrejo
  9. Kuripan
  10. Nambuhan
  11. Ngembak
  12. Nglobar
  13. Ngraji
  14. Pulorejo
  15. Purwodadi
  16. Putat
  17. Warukaranganyar

Coordinates: 7°05′00″S 110°57′00″E / 7.08333°S 110.95°E / -7.08333; 110.95