Pushaw Lake

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Pushaw Lake
A photo of Pushaw Lake
LocationPenobscot County, Maine, United States
Coordinates44°55′59″N 68°48′04″W / 44.933027°N 68.801013°W / 44.933027; -68.801013Coordinates: 44°55′59″N 68°48′04″W / 44.933027°N 68.801013°W / 44.933027; -68.801013[1]
Primary inflowsPushaw Stream and others
Primary outflowsPushaw Stream to Penobscot River
Basin countriesUnited States
Max. length7.6 mi (12.2 km)
Max. width2.3 mi (3.7 km)
Surface area4,680 acres (1,890 ha)
Average depth11 ft (3.4 m)
Max. depth33 ft (10 m)
Water volume53,102 acre foot (65,500,000 m3)
Surface elevation115 ft (35 m)

Pushaw Lake is a shallow, warmwater lake in Penobscot County, Maine, United States about 6.5 miles (10.5 km) north of downtown Bangor and 4.5 mi (7.2 km) west of downtown Orono. The lake is part of the towns of Orono, Old Town, Hudson, and Glenburn. There are roads and private residences along much of the lake, except the southeastern side where the Caribou Bog complex borders the lake. A small dam was constructed in 1920 at the lake's outflow to maintain constant water levels. The lake's formation and history prior to 1920 remains unclear. The formation of Pushaw Lake was likely caused by glacial melting, however, some locals believe that the lake was greatly expanded in size by flooding or man-made causes at some point in history, explaining the lake's shallow depth. [2][3][4]

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