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Brian Schroeder (a.k.a. Pushead) is an artist, record label owner, and writer within the hardcore punk and heavy metal field.[1] He has created artwork for many bands, artists, and athletes including Metallica, The Misfits, Dr. Dre, Travis Barker, Craig Johnson and Kool Keith. He has designed many record covers, T-shirts, he has designed t-shirt's for thrasher skateboarding apperal, designed skateboards, and two pairs of Nike SB Dunks.[2] His record label, Pusmort Records, has released albums by Negative Gain,[3] Poison Idea[4] and Final Conflict.[5] He fronted the band Septic Death during the 1980s,[6] which gained reviews in The Rocket[7] and Creem.[8]


Artwork for Metallica includes illustrations for "2 of One" (music video for "One"), the album cover for St. Anger, numerous interior album illustrations, various web graphics and T-shirt designs.[9] He has worked with a number of musical acts including Dr. Octagon.[10] His artwork is characterized by detailed skulls. In 1991, Pushead designed and illustrated a number of sticker inserts for a series of heavy metal and hard rock trading cards called RockCards, released by Brockum. [1]

He also designed skateboard graphics[11] and advertisements for Zorlac Skateboards during the 80s and beginning of the 90s.[12] Pushead was also an artist for the skateboard magazine Thrasher during the 80s and early 90s. His recent work includes a limited edition shoe released worldwide by Nike SB on December 17, 2005. Pushead designed the shoes, the box, the tissue paper, the soles, and the tag on the shoes. His slightly more recent work includes a collaboration with Altamont Apparel. There were 3 T-shirts, in their Fall10 Collection.

Record labels[edit]

He founded the record labels Pusmort Records and Bacteria Sour.

Septic Death[edit]

Main article: Septic Death

Septic Death is a hardcore punk band formed in Boise, Idaho by Pushead. The band played only a few shows during its active years (1981 to 1986), mostly in Boise, Idaho, though records continued to be released up to 2006. Pushead was the main singer, and he designed the band's album covers.


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