Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
Designation Wildlife Sanctuary
Location Somwarpet, Kodagu district, Karnataka, India
Nearest City Somwarpet
Coordinates 12°35′N 75°40′E / 12.583°N 75.667°E / 12.583; 75.667
Area 102 km²[1]
Date of Establishment 1987[1]
Visitation Unknown
Governing Body Karnataka Forest Department
IUCN category Not categorized

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of 21 Wildlife Sanctuaries of India's Karnataka state.

This sanctuary is located in Somwarpet taluk of Kodagu district and has some attractive scenery. It is home to rare and endangered birdlife and is designated as one of the important bird areas of the world.[2] The rich Kadamakkal reserve forest is a part of the sanctuary. Pushpagiri is the highest peak in it. Kumaraparvatha is the other peak that lies within it. The sanctuary adjoins Bisle reserve forest to north and Kukke Subramanya forest range to the west.

Flora and fauna[edit]

Albizia lebbeck, Artocarpus lakoocha, Dysoxylum malabaricum and Mesua ferrea' are some of the species of flora found here. Indian Wild Dog, Brown Palm Civet, Indian Giant Squirrel, Indian Hare, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Indian Muntjac, Gaur, Asian Elephant, Wild Pig, Giant Flying Squirrel, Travancore Flying, Otter species, Stripe-necked mongoose and mouse deer are some of the animal species found here.

The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sancutuary has been proposed as a World Heritage Site.[3]


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