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Pushpaka Aviation Pvt. Ltd. is an air charter company based in Mumbai, India. It operates a fleet of helicopters from its base at Juhu Aerodrome in Mumbai. It is involved primarily in crop dusting, aerial seeding,[1] and fleet maintenance in addition to its chartered passenger operations.


The company was started in 1969 by Mr. H.P. Rao, with three Bell 47G-5 helicopters to undertake agricultural crop spraying in India, whilst taking advantage of the subsidies offered to the farming community by the Government.[2] It was the first private company in India to start scheduled international passenger flights as an associate of the national carrier Air India from 1979 to 1983.

Pushpaka Airlines[edit]

Pushpaka Airlines, the airline division of Pushpak Aviation, began providing passenger and freight charter services from Mumbai to the Persian Gulf.[3] It operated as an associate of the National carrier Air India using two Sud Aviation Caravelle-6N aircraft, purchased from Indian Airlines in 1978.[4] Operations began initially as cargo services between Sharjah and Mumbai and were later expanded to carry passengers as well. The airline ceased functioning in June 1983.[5]


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