Puskás Ferenc Stadion (Budapest Metro)

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Puskás Ferenc Stadion
Budapest Metro station
Budapest, metró 2, Puskás Ferenc Stadion.jpg
Location Budapest
Coordinates 47°30′00″N 19°06′21″E / 47.5°N 19.1058°E / 47.5; 19.1058Coordinates: 47°30′00″N 19°06′21″E / 47.5°N 19.1058°E / 47.5; 19.1058
Platforms 2 island platforms
Structure type cut-and-cover underground
Depth 4.71 metres (15.5 ft)
Opened 1970
Preceding station   Budapest Metro   Following station
Line 2

Puskás Ferenc Stadion (Stadium Puskás Ferenc) is a station of the M2 (East-West) line of the Budapest Metro. Stadium Puskás Ferenc is located here, as well as the Budapest Sports Arena.

It was first opened in 1970, and named Népstadion (English: People's Stadium) until 1 January 2004. Between 2004 and 2011 the station's name was Stadionok (Stadiums). It is located in the 14th district of Budapest.


  • Bus: 95, 130, 195
  • Tram: 1
  • Trolleybus: 75, 77, 80, 80A

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