Puss in Boots (1999 film)

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Puss in Boots
Puss In Boots, DVD Cover
Directed by Phil Nibbelink
Produced by Margit Friesacher
Eric Parkinson
Written by Jacob Grimm
Jacob Grimm (story)
Phil Nibbelink
Starring Judge Reinhold
Dan Haggerty
Michael York
Vivian Schilling
Edited by Phil Nibbelink
Phil Nibbelink Productions
Distributed by USA
Plaza Entertainment
Showcase International
Release date
  • January 1, 1999 (1999-01-01)
  • July 6, 1999 (1999-07-06)
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Puss in Boots is an animated direct-to-video movie, created in 1999 by Phil Nibbelink. It is based on the story Puss in Boots.

The film features the voices of Judge Reinhold, Dan Haggerty, Michael York, and Vivian Schilling.


The story follows Handsome Gunther, a poor young man whose sole possession is his anthropomorphic cat. The cat, wanting to help his owner out of poverty, decides to use his wit to turn Gunther into a prince. In his plan, the cat tries to help Gunther win the heart of the Princess. However, an evil shape shifting ogre also has his eyes on marrying the girl. After she is captured, Gunther and his clever cat go after the Princess to rescue her before it is too late.[1]

Differences from the original story[edit]

In the film, the ogre's shape changing abilities and other magical powers are granted by a necklace, which he also must wear to survive during daylight. Also differing from the original tale, is that the ogre wants to marry the Princess. He offers the king unlimited gold, jewels and diamonds for his marrying the king's daughter, but the king refuses. When Puss in Boots tricks the ogre into morphing into a mouse, the ogre escapes him and realizes the deception, then morphs into a large monster and attempts to kill the cat. But his necklace is stolen, and the princess, king, miller's son and cat are able to prevent him from catching the necklace by dawn.

In the film, some mice are on the side of the miller's son following an initial confrontation with Puss in Boots.


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