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Pussy torture

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Hot melting candle wax is dropped on the genitals of a nude female hung upside down during a public performance (at Wave-Gotik-Treffen music festival, Germany, 2014)

Pussy torture, also known as cunt torture, vagina torture or female genitorture, is a BDSM or sexual activity involving the application of pain or pressure to a vulva or vagina, typically in the context of sadomasochism. It is applied through activities such as:[1][2]

Pussy torture is meant to be done consensually in the case of BDSM; the recipient may take part in order to receive pleasure from the activity, or to provide pleasure to their sadistic dominant, or both. The dominant performing pussy torture on the submissive can be of any gender. Many of these practices carry significant health risks and need adequate precaution.[3]

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