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"Krasny Les" redirects here. the villages in the Czech Republic, see Krásný Les (disambiguation).
A map of Suwalszczyzna with Puszcza Romincka in the north

Romincka Forest (Polish: Puszcza Romincka), also known as Rominta Forest or Krasny Les (Russian: Красный лес), a palaearctic ecoregion (called Puszcza Romincka) in the Taiga and boreal forests Biome, is located in Russia and Poland.

The German and Polish names of the forest are derived from the Old Prussian syllable rom, meaning calm or holy, as the forest was connected with the mythology of the Old Prussians. The Russian name, Krasny Les, means "red forest".


The forest complex is in the east of Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, northeastern Poland, and the southeast of Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. The total area of the forest is about 360 km². It includes the protected area known as Puszcza Romincka Landscape Park. The Krasnaya River flows through the forest. Localities in the forest include Krasnolesye, Żytkiejmy, and Gołdap.

Prior to 1945 the forest was part of German East Prussia and known as the Rominter Heath (German: Rominter Heide). It was known as an Imperial Hunting ground for Kaiser Wilhelm II, who built his Rominten Hunting Lodge here and later Hermann Göring's Reichsjägerhof Rominten. The Potsdam Agreement after World War II divided the region between Poland and the Soviet Union.

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Coordinates: 54°22′18″N 22°31′17″E / 54.37167°N 22.52139°E / 54.37167; 22.52139