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Putalabai was the third queen of Shivaji. She was married to Shivaji in the year 1653.[1]

Putalabai was the eldest of the surviving wives of Raja Shivaji. Being childless she went sati by jumping in the funeral pyre of Shivaji Maharaj .[1]

After Saibai, she was the only one who understood Maharaj. After Jijabai's death, Shivaji Raje found it very difficult to come out of the loss. It was at that sensitive time, that Putlabai took the responsibility of consoling her husband. She told him that a King has very less time to cry and feel sorry about his own life. Rather, he should get up and continue taking care of his responsibilities about the Swaraj. Putlabai worshipped her husband like a God. She had no children. For most of her married life she lived away from Maharaj at Raigadwadi.