Putao District

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Putao District (Burmese: ပူတာအိုခရိုင်) is the northernmost of district of Myanmar and part of the Kachin State in northern Burma bordering China. The capital lies at Putao.

Location in Kachin State


The district is divided into five administrative townships:

Coordinates: 27°16′N 97°47′E / 27.267°N 97.783°E / 27.267; 97.783


The main link to Putao district is the Putao Airport located in the main town of Putao.


The district's Hkakabo Razi, which is the highest peak of Myanmar is located in the northern border with China. The peak is the southern end of the Himalayas mountain range. The peak which has snows all year round is a favorite among Burmese climbers and international visitors looking to climb up in the country.