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Puteri Saadong or Mariam (reigned 1663–1667), was the queen regnant of Kelantan. She was the adopted daughter of Siti Wan Kembang (Che Siti), the legendary Queen of Kelantan. Her full title is Tuan Puteri Saadong binti Raja Loyor, Puteri Vijaya Mala, Raja of Jembal, daughter of Raja Loyor bin Raja Sakti, Raja of Jembal


Puteri Saadong was brought up in Bukit Marak by Che Siti, after her mother died.[1][2] She succeeded her father as Raja of Jembal in 1663, and was later installed as Raja of Kelantan in 1667.

Che Siti gave Puteri Saadong's hand in marriage to her cousin, Raja Abdullah bin al-Marhum Sultan Samiruddin, Raja of Kelantan-Selatan (Jembal) when the princess was only 15 years old.

She was captured by the Siamese and forced to become a concubine of King Narai of Siam (now Thailand) in order to spare her husband's life. Raja Abdullah vowed to wait for her return and never to remarry. However, after several years Raja Abdullah gave up and remarried.

When Puteri Saadong returned to Bukit Marak to find Raja Abdullah remarried, a quarrel ensured. It was believed that Puteri Saadong, overwhelmed with rage, killed Raja Abdullah with her hair pin.

After the incident, Puteri Saadong left Bukit Marak and subsequently disappeared. Raja Abdullah's tomb can still be seen at Padang Halban, Melor in the district of Bachok, Kelantan.


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