Puthisean Neang Kong rey (film)

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Puthisen Neang Kong Rey
Puthisean Neang Kong rey.jpg
Khmer promtional Poster
Directed by Ly Bun Yim
Produced by Ly Bun Yim
Starring Kong Sam Oeurn
Virak Dara
Release date
Cambodia 1968
Country Cambodia
Language Khmer

Puthisen Neang Kong Rey (ពុទិសែន នាងកង្រី)( Puthisen and Lady Kong Rey, also known as Twelve Sisters ) is a 1968 Cambodian film based on a Cambodian myth of the Twelve Sisters whose heroine is Lady Kong Rey, after whom a mountain range in Kampong Chhnang was named. The film has been re-released twice, in 2000 and 2002, and aired on the Cambodian channel Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Television.


Song Singer(s) Notes
Tomnuonh Neang Kongrei Virak Dara
Pno Neang Kongrei Sinn Sisamouth