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Puthiya Mukham
Puthiya Mukham.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byDiphan
Produced byAnil Mathew
S. Murugan
Written byM. Sindhuraj
StarringPrithviraj Sukumaran
Meera Nandan
Music byDeepak Dev
CinematographyBharani K. Dharan
Edited bySamjith Mhd
Bethestha Productions
Distributed byTime Ads Release
Release date
  • 24 July 2009 (2009-07-24)
Running time
137 minutes

Puthiya Mukham (transl. New face) is a 2009 Indian Malayalam-language action-drama film directed by Diphan and written by M. Sindhuraj.The film stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Bala, Priyamani, Meera Nandan and Nedumudi Venu in the lead roles. The film was shot at locations in Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, and Malaysia.The film's original background score and soundtrack was composed by Deepak Dev. The film was a major commercial success at the box office and was noted for heightening the stardom of Prithviraj in Malayalam film industry. The film was dubbed in Tamil with the same name, and was remade in Kannada as Ziddi.


Krishnakumar (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a resident of an agraharam in Kalpathy. Along with his studies, he pursues a career as a percussionist and teaches the mridangam to local students. He is in love with a girl who is the daughter of a family friend. Their relationship is not only approved, but also supported by both families.

Kichu moves on to the city of Kochi (Ernakulam) to enroll at an engineering college. The villain Sudhi (Bala) is a senior student and the youngest of three brothers - the others being Mahi (Sai Kumar) and Giri (Shammi Thilakan). Sudhi pursues a real estate business and routine crimes associated with it. In all his villainous endeavors on the campus, he is supported by his brothers.

The main support for the villain family from "the system" is a police officer named Shivaraman (Vijayaraghavan). The story takes its form when Anjana (Priyamani), Shivaraman's daughter, joins the engineering college. Sudhi is in love with her and to win her love plays the gentleman, concealing and temporarily stopping all his villainous activities.

Kichu, as is expected, wins the heart of the girls in the college from almost day one. Sudhi suspects that Anjana is attracted to Kichu, so he moves fast and sends his brother with an official proposal to Anjana's family. Her parents accept the proposal and force the reluctant daughter to agree to it. However, she stipulates a condition: there will be no marriage immediately. Sudhi has to wait for four years (until the course ends) for the marriage; she will have her freedom for these four years. The "freedom" of Anjana and the way she exercises it make jealous and suspicious. Sudhi wants to scare Kichu out of the college. He arranges an attack on him at the college hostel; as a result, Kichu is severely wounded. At the end of the attack, when apparently he receives a blow on his head, Kichu appears to turn mad and attacks his own friend who tried to rescue him.

He is admitted to a hospital and it is revealed that he has what the doctor in the movie says a "flashback phenomenon". He had to witness the death of his younger brother, while young, hit by a bus, and traumatic incidents like this will turn him violent. His prearranged marriage has been disapproved by his would-be's family following this. His own family does not want him to go to the college anymore, but his father (Nedumudi Venu) supports him, urges him to go back to the college, and asks him to win his life.

What happens after this is an unbelievable change in Kichu's character. A hitherto simpleton now turns a superhero. The villain welcomes him back at the college with an attack. Kichu, the now fearless superhero, gives a difficult-to-believe show of stunts. Sudhi's brothers turn in for help. Kichu sends the eldest brother, Mahi, to the hospital, mortally wounded. He is put in the ICU for observation and is reportedly in a coma. The villain's ally, Shivaraman, arrests Kichu and takes him to the police station. Here, Kichu learns that he is going to be transported to the sub jail where his execution is planned. Kichu turns violent and storms the police station. He is hit by a policeman from behind and apparently falls unconscious, but it is only an act. He is rushed to the hospital, where he makes his escape.

The Sudhi kidnap Anjana and try to (rape) herIn the final stunt at a construction site of a multi-storied building, Kichu beats numerous stuntmen and tells Sudhi the truth about Kichu and how he wants to see Sudhi become a good person towards Kichu. However, Sudhi, who is still angry, denies and tells Kichu that he does not want a life, so Kichu lets go of his hand, and Sudhi dies. Kichu walks away with Anjana as the credits start to roll.



Puthiya Mukham: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Puthiya Mukham (album cover).webp
Soundtrack album to Puthiya Mukham by
Released24 July 2009
  • Lal Media,Cochin
  • Stickers & Crew Films
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSatyam Audios
ProducerComposer: Deepak Dev Lyricist: Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
Deepak Dev chronology
Sadhu Miranda
Puthiya Mukham: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Drona 2010
External audio
audio icon Video Song on YouTube
audio icon Audio Jukebox (Satyam Audios) on YouTube
Singles from Puthiya Mukham
  1. "Picha Vacha Naal"
    Released: 24 July 2009
  2. "Kaane Kaane"
    Released: 24 July 2009
  3. "Rahasyamaay"
    Released: 24 July 2009

Puthiya Mukham is the soundtrack album composed by Deepak Dev with song lyrics by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri to the 2009 Malayalam film of the same name. The album features five tracks released on 24 July 2009 by Satyam Audios.

Track listing
1."Kaane Kaane" (Title song)Kaithapram Damodaran NamboothiriPrithviraj Sukumaran3:20
2."Picha Vacha Naal"Kaithapram Damodaran NamboothiriShankar Mahadevan4:31
3."Rahasyamaay"Kaithapram Damodaran NamboothiriKK, Shilpa Rao5:01
4."Thattum Muttum"Kaithapram Damodaran NamboothiriJassie Gift, Sindhu Rajaram, Deepak Dev5:12
5."Yadukula Murali"[Kaithapram Damodaran NamboothiriK. Krishna Kumar5:14
Total length:26:30

The original background score and film's soundtrack is composed by Deepak Dev with lyrics by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. It features five songs which were sung by Deepak Dev himself for one song and Shankar Mahadevan, Jassie Gift, Prithviraj, KK, Shilpa Rao, K. Krishna Kumar, Sindhu Rajaram and Suvi.

Shankar Mahadevan won the Best Singer award for the song "Picha Vecha Naal" at the Annual Malayalam Movie Awards. At the 2009 Asianet Film Awards, Deepak Dev received the Best Music Director Award for his songs in the movie, while Shankar Mahadevan won the Best Male Playback Singer Award for the song "Picha Vecha Naal". "Picha Vecha Naal" (Shankar Mahadevan) and "Thattum Muttum Thalam" (Jassie Gift, Deepak Dev, Sindhuja) were chart toppers on Malayalam television/radio stations.[citation needed]

Box office[edit]

The film was a commercial success.[1]


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