Puthiya Tamilagam

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Puthiya Tamilagam
LeaderK. Krishnasamy Born:3 April 1954 (age 64)
Founded1997 Dec 15
IdeologyCaste interests
Social conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
Party flag
Puthiya Tamizham Flag

Puthiya Tamilagam is a political party based in Southern Tamil Nadu, India representing Devendra Kula Velalar caste.[1]


Dr. K. Krishnasamy, Founder and President of Puthiya Tamilagam Party

It advocates for the rights and welfare of Devendra Kula Velalar caste. Its founder-President is K. Krishnaswamy.[2]

Political timeline State Assembly[edit]

The party contested the 1999 Lok Sabha elections.[3]

2001 State Assembly elections[edit]

Formed alliance with DMk and contested 10 seats and lost all the seats.

2011 State Assembly elections[edit]

During 2009 Lok Sabha Puthiya Tamilazham party had chosen not to form an alliance with any other parties. In 2011 Puthiya Tamilazham party has announced its interests in joining hands with the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party. In 2011 elections, the party won two: K. Krishnasamy secured 71,330 votes in Ottapidaram constituency and A. Ramaswamy secured 75,124 votes in Nilakkottai constituency.[4]

2016 State Assembly elections[edit]

It formed Alliance with DMK and contested 4 seats Ottapidaram, Srivilliputhur, Krishnarajapuram and Vasudevanallur. K. Krishnasamy contested in Ottapidaram (state assembly constituency) and lost the seat to Sundarraj Of AIADMK.

In 2016 Puthiya Tamilagam(புதிய தமிழகம்) Total votes secured in four constituency-2,19,830 votes

  1. Ottapidaram- 64,578 votes
  2. Vasudevanallur- 55,146 votes
  3. Srivilliputhur-51,430 votes
  4. Krishnarajapuram- 48,676 votes

K. Krishnasamy contested in Ottapidaram (state assembly constituency) 2016 and lost(Margin-493votes) the seat to Sundarraj Of AIADMK. Ottapidaram Total votes polled- 1,59,592 votes. Sundarraj Of AIADMK-65,071 votes. K. Krishnasamy (புதிய தமிழகம்)-64,578votes, தேதிமுக-14,127, BJP-5,931, நாம் தமிழர் -3,792. பா.ம.க-1,066.

2009 Lok Sabha election[edit]

The best performance from PT came in 2009 Lok Sabha elections when K. Krishnasamy secured 1,16,685 votes in Tenkasi, while the victory margin was 35,324 votes and he was not part of any major alliance.

2014 Lok Sabha election[edit]

2014 Lok sabha Election Puthiya Tamilgam alliance with DMK (its alliance as Democratic Progressive Alliance.) Only one seat, Tenkasi constituency(37) M.Vasanthi AIADMK.-4,24,586 votes. K. Krishnasamy Puthiya Tamilgam-2,62,812votes. (Margin-161774votes)

2019 Lok Sabha election[edit]

2019 Lok sabha Election Puthiya Tamilagam party joins the AIADMK-BJP-PMK alliance in Tamil Nadu under National Democratic Alliance. Puthiya Tamilagam has been given with one Lok Sabha seat under the AIADMK-led alliance. In 2019's bye-polls for the 21 vacant legislative assembly constituencies in the state, it has been decided that Puthiya Tamilagam would lend its full support to candidates of the Modi suprevised AIADMK.

Dr K Krishnasamy is set to contest from the constituency. It's for the sixth time that the party leader is seeking mandate from Tenkasi.[5]


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