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The Putnam County League is non-football athletic conference whose eight members are located within Putnam County, Ohio. The league is affiliated with the Ohio High School Athletic Association.


The member schools of the Putnam County League.
School Nickname[1] Location Colors[2] Notes
Columbus Grove Bulldogs Columbus Grove Scarlet & Gray
Also competes in the NWC, including football
Continental Pirates Continental Blue & Gold
Fort Jennings Musketeers Fort Jennings Black & Orange
Kalida Wildcats Kalida Maroon & White
Leipsic Vikings Leipsic Purple & Gold
Also competes in the NWC, including football
Miller City Wildcats Miller City Blue & Gold
Ottoville Big Green Ottoville Green & Gold
Pandora-Gilboa Rockets Pandora Scarlet & Gray
Also competes in the BVC, including football

At the junior high level, three more middle schools are added to the league:

  • Glandorf Dragons
  • Ottawa Titans
  • Ottawa Sts. Peter and Paul Knights

Former member schools[3][edit]

  • Belmore
  • Blanchard Eagles (merged into Pandora-Gilboa in 1951)
  • Cloverdale (merged into Ottoville in 1930)
  • Crawfis College (merged into Blanchard
  • Glandorf (merged into Ottawa-Glandorf)
  • Ottawa (merged into Ottawa-Glandorf)
  • Ottawa-Glandorf Titans (joined the Western Buckeye League in the spring of 1967.[4])
  • Ottawa Public
  • Ottawa SPPS
  • Palmer (merged into Miller City in 1941)
  • Pandora Fleetwings (merged into Pandora-Gilboa in 1951)
  • Vaughnsville Vikings (merged into Columbus Grove in 1962)

Putnam County League Championships[edit]

School Year Golf[5] Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Volleyball Boys Basketball[6] Girls Basketball[7] Baseball[8] Boys Track & Field Girls Track & Field
1930-31 Vaughnsville
1931-32 Vaughnsville
1932-33 Columbus Grove
1933-34 Columbus Grove
1934-35 Ottoville Leipsic Pandora
1935-36 Vaughnsville Leipsic, Pandora Vaughnsville
1936-37 Unknown
1937-38 Kalida
1938-39 Kalida
1939-40 Kalida
1940-41 Vaughnsville
1941-42 Vaughnsville Vaughnsville
1942-43 Vaughnsville
1943-44 Fort Jennings Vaughnsville
1944-45 Fort Jennings, Pandora Kalida
1945-46 Miller City Columbus Grove
1946-47 Ottoville Columbus Grove, Miller City
1947-48 Blanchard Blanchard
1948-49 Blanchard Miler City
1949-50 Miller City Ottoville
1950-51 Columbus Grove, Ottoville Fort Jennings
1951-52 Columbus Grove, Miller City Continental
1952-53 Ottoville Columbus Grove
1953-54 Kalida, Ottoville Kalida
1954-55 Kalida, Leipsic Columbus Grove
1955-56 Miller City Columbus Grove
1956-57 Fort Jennings, Miller City Columbus Grove
1957-58 Miller City Leipsic
1958-59 Ottawa SPPS Columbus Grove
1959-60 Leipsic Continental
1960-61 Glandorf, Miller City Continental
1961-62 Miller City Continental
1962-63 Kalida, Miller City Columbus Grove
1963-64 Kalida, Miller City, Ottoville Ottawa Public
1964-65 Ottawa-Glandorf Ottawa-Glandorf
1965-66 Ottawa-Glandorf Ottawa-Glandorf
1966-67 Ottawa-Glandorf Leipsic
1967-68 Ottoville Columbus Grove, Fort Jennings, Leipsic, Ottoville
1968-69 Fort Jennings Fort Jennings, Leipsic
1969-70 Fort Jennings Columbus Grove
1970-71 Continental Columbus Grove
1971-72 Ottoville Columbus Grove
1972-73 Kalida, Ottoville Leipsic
1973-74 Continental Fort Jennings Kalida
1974-75 Kalida Miller City Kalida
1975-76 Ottoville Continental, Kalida Miller City Miller City
1976-77 Ottoville Continental, Fort Jennings, Kalida Ottoville Miller City
1977-78 Leipsic Continental Ottoville Leipsic
1978-79 Kalida Kalida Kalida, Ottoville Ottoville
1979-80 Ottoville Ottoville Kalida Leipsic
1980-81 Ottoville Fort Jennings, Kalida Kalida Miller City
1981-82 Kalida Kalida, Leipsic Columbus Grove Continental, Leipsic
1982-83 Ottoville Kalida Kalida Miller City
1983-84 Kalida Columbus Grove Continental, Ottoville Miller City, Ottoville
1984-85 Ottoville Miller City Fort Jennings Miller City
1985-86 Ottoville Continental Kalida Miller City
1986-87 Ottoville Fort Jennings Kalida, Miller City, Pandora-Gilboa Ottoville
1987-88 Ottoville Kalida Kalida Miller City
1988-89 Fort Jennings Kalida Kalida Leipsic
1989-90 Kalida Miller City Ottoville Miller City
1990-91 Kalida Fort Jennings, Kalida, Miller City Kalida Kalida
1991-92 Kalida Kalida Kalida Kalida
1992-93 Kalida Leipsic Continental, Leipsic Leipsic, Miller City
1993-94 Kalida Miller City Fort Jennings Kalida
1994-95 Kalida Columbus Grove, Kalida Leipsic, Ottoville Columbus Grove, Kalida, Leipsic
1995-96 Kalida Kalida Ottoville Columbus Grove, Kalida
1996-97 Kalida Leipsic Kalida Leipsic
1997-98 Kalida Continental, Fort Jennings, Kalida Kalida Kalida, Leipsic
1998-99 Kalida Fort Jennings Ottoville Leipsic, Miller City
1999-00 Kalida Kalida Ottoville, Pandora-Gilboa Fort Jennings
2000-01 Continental Kalida Ottoville GO VOLS
2001-02 Kalida Ottoville Kalida, Miller City Pandora-Gilboa
2002-03 Kalida Continental Miller City Ottoville
2003-04 Kalida Fort Jennings, Ottoville Miller City Kalida
2004-05 Kalida Continental Miller City Leipsic
2005-06 Ottoville Ottoville Columbus Grove Kalida
2006-07 Ottoville Ottoville Columbus Grove, Ottoville Kalida
2007-08 Kalida Pandora-Gilboa Ottoville Columbus Grove Pandora-Gilboa
2008-09 Ottoville Kalida, Pandora-Gilboa Kalida, Leipsic Miller City Pandora-Gilboa
2009-10 Ottoville Kalida Ottoville Columbus Grove Pandora-Gilboa
2010-11 Ottoville Pandora-Gilboa Columbus Grove Ottoville Leipsic
2011-12 Ottoville Columbus Grove, Leipsic Ottoville
2018-2019 Ottoville
2019-2020 Columbus Grove
2020-2021 Ottoville Ottoville

League championship notes[edit]

  • Golf champions were first determined in the fall of 1975.
  • Boys basketball champions were first officially declared in 1934-35 with the exception of 1942-43 due to World War II. The first Pandora High School boys basketball team won the first county title recorded, however it was before official declaration.
  • Girls basketball champions were first officially declared in 1934-35 and 1935–36, but not officially again until 1973-74.
  • Baseball champions were determined by division winners (West & East) in a title game from 1931-1942, 1946-1948, and 1953-1955. A league tournament was used from 1943-1945, 1949-1952, and 1956-1964. From 1965 on, they were determined by regular season PCL records.

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